Why Fiskal Exists

Because Budgets Suck!

Budgets force you to live a life of austerity. Who wants to concentrate on all the fun things you can’t do or shiny objects you can’t have?  

Slaving away for 40-50 years without any fun experiences to save up so you can “enjoy” the retirement years sounds terrible. The choice doesn’t need to be a life of austerity or a life of experiences.

Because Budgets Fail

Budgets are like diets, a restrictive time of not eating certain foods we crave. Diets fail all the time. Halfway through, you realize that cutting out everything you like is a terrible way to live and you quit.

Even if you find the energy to stick to a budget, how does categorizing your life into housing, travel, groceries and utilities help? Does it matter if 10% of your spending fits neatly into travel & entertainment or if you are spending too much on groceries. Making it to your next paycheck while still living your life and saving a little for the future is what’s important.

Because Managing Money Shouldn’t Feel Like Work

We make spending choices based on what we want and how much money we “feel” we have. This approach is a recipe for trouble. Sure, my bank account says that I have $500 but that doesn’t account for my car insurance payment that is due in 2 days.  

Does winging it lead to financial freedom? Not usually. Some months are great and others are depressing. A simple system that is easy to stick to is much more effective.

Because Financial Freedom Happens One Day At A Time

Financial freedom is possible when you break it into smaller steps. Imagine a single number to aim at everyday that tells you what you can afford or what will send you into the red.  A simple daily goal that will give you the confidence to tell you that you are good to go.  

When you want to buy something, it tells you if you have enough money to do it. Sometimes buying new sneakers is the right thing to do. Then you know you shouldn’t go out for a pricey dinner over the weekend. And that’s ok. It’s a choice. You can have fun today while saving for tomorrow.

Because Fiskal Works

Fiskal is an app that calculates a simple daily goal. It’s linked to all of your accounts and automatically updates when you buy something. Check your phone and the daily goal tells you if you can do what you want. When you spend more than the daily goal suggests it will automatically lower the following days to keep you on target.