What's the difference between Fiskal Free and Fiskal Plus?

We believe everyone should be able to reach financial freedom regardless of their past.

Fiskal Free
- Bank-level, AES 256-bit, encryption
- Personalize Spending Pace
- Track monthly bills
- Manual entry for add, remove and edit transactions
- Manually add bank accounts and track the balance

Fiskal Plus
- Bank-level, AES 256-bit, encryption
- Personalize Spending Pace
- Track monthly bills
- Securely connect unlimited amount of banks, credit cards, credit unions and other financial account
- Automatically sync transactions
- Automatic balance update

Is my information safe and private?

- Fiskal uses bank-level encryption and never shares any of your data.
- To connect to your bank and credit card accounts we use Plaid, a third party aggregator. Multi-factor authentication is required for access to Plaid infrastructure. Fiskal does not have access to your banking username and password.

What accounts should I link?

- Connect any bank account or credit card that you use on a daily basis. To give you an accurate simple daily goal, we need to know how much you spend each day.

Why do I need to link my accounts?

- To calculate your simple daily goal, we need to know your income, your recurring bills and how much you want to save. Your simple daily goal changes depending on how much you spend each day. Most people don’t want to enter that information manually and even when they do, they tend to forget some.

How do I link more than one bank account?

- Go to the plan screen. 
- Click ‘edit’ in the upper right hand corner.
- Select “+ bank” in the box to the right of your first bank.

I get an error message when I try to log into my bank account.

- Confirm that your username and password are correct and work on your bank or credit card’s app or website.
- If you are still unable to connect you may need to change the settings on your bank or credit card’s account to allow for third party app access. You may be required to log in via their main site to complete extra security steps or verify that you attempted to add your account to Fiskal.

Can I add 2 sources of income?

- It seems that everyone has a side hustle these days. You can add as many sources of income as you have. Whether they are from selling customized slippers on Etsy or renting out your extra room they can be added. For sources of income that are not steady or regular, see question below on freelancer/contractor income.

I am a freelancer/contractor. How should I calculate my income?

- The founders of Fiskal have been freelancers or contractors in their careers and understand that it can be difficult to estimate how much you will make each month. We recommend that you make a conservative after tax estimate and input it manually.
- Make sure you have enough money in your bank account to cover your monthly bills so you don’t incur overdraft fees.
- Also, don’t forget to save some money for Uncle Sam’s share - taxes!

Why can’t I manually input a bill?

- It’s not currently supported yet. We are working on it.

I use Venmo/Zelle to pay some bills. How do I select those?

- Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, etc. are treated the same as other transactions in Fiskal. Select those transactions as bills if they are part of your monthly recurring bills. The others will be treated as daily transactions.

How much should I input into savings?

- There are so many opinions on this subject. At Fiskal our goal is to get you in the habit of saving for something. That goal can be a vacation to Mexico, a new pair of shoes or to pay off your student debt.
- Whatever you are saving for, start with a number that sets you up for success.  You can always increase your savings amount after using Fiskal for a month or two.

Can I use Fiskal as a couple?

- Fiskal will work for couples that share bank accounts and credit cards. A couple can set-up one account and link these shared accounts, input both sets of income, shared bills and joint savings.
- Fiskal’s username and password can be shared. Each person can follow the shared simple daily goal.

How is my daily calculated?

- Fiskal has built a proprietary algorithm that uses your income, bills, savings goals, and fluctuations in your daily and monthly spending to calculate your simple daily goal.  The daily goal shifts with your spending choices. 
- If you don’t spend all of your money for one day it will rollover to the next. If you spend too much, then the remaining days will decrease slightly to compensate so that you don’t spend money you don’t have.

Why don’t I recognize the names of some of my transactions?

- The descriptions come directly from your bank. Currently you can edit them one at a time by tapping on a transaction on the feed page.

I have a duplicate transaction on a day. What should I do?

- Click on the transaction, select transfer and hit save. Some types of transactions and some banks initially list duplicate transactions.

One of my transactions is listed on the wrong day. How do I edit the date?

- Click on the transaction, tap the date, select the right date/input the correct date and hit save. Some banks have a delay before posting your transactions

One of my bills is listed as a spent transaction under my daily. What do I do?

- Click on the transaction, tap bills, select the right bill and hit save. On occasion, our algorithm mismatches transactions.

One of my daily transactions shouldn’t be included in my daily. What should I do?

- Fiskal uses machine learning to recognize and your daily transactions.  At times, the system doesn’t connect a transaction to one of your bills or your income.  Select that transaction, and the edit transaction dialog box will appear. 
- For transactions that should be classified as a bill, select bill and save.
- For transactions that should not included in your daily calculation, like a credit card payment, select transfer and save.

What does “spread” mean?

- The spread feature does exactly what it sounds like. It takes a transaction and spreads it up to 14 days. Larger transactions that we use for longer than 1 day, like groceries, can be allocated to all of the days that you use it.

How do I contact Fiskal?

- Tap the question mark (?) on the app and select “Help” or you can email us directly (help@fiskal.app)