Consistency Makes A Difference

Making a difference in our lives requires us to be consistent.

Saving money, building a business, losing weight, getting into shape, learning something new, relationships, parenting - all require ongoing attention. Showing up day in and day out. Doing it again and again.

But being consistent can be so daunting. Where do we find the energy to keep at it? How do we eliminate the internal friction that shackles so many of our efforts?

Strangely, being consistent is what gives us the energy to keep coming back. When I find the motivation to do something on a regular basis, the act of coming back generates momentum. That momentum carries to the next time I plan to do it. And on and on. 

The power is in the consistency. 

You don’t have to believe me, try yourself. Pick a small simple task that you feel like you should do consistently. It can be flossing your teeth, cooking dinner or saving $5 per day. Do it for one week, everyday.  My guess is that by the end of the week, the momentum you will have generated will begin to take on a life of its own.