I Took The Plunge

For over a year I avoided looking at my retirement plan. Even thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. It’s ironic, considering the business I am in.

Finally, I called someone I trust to help me look at my long term savings plan. I won’t sugar coat the experience, it was not fun. I listened and set out a plan. Now I am finally taking action. 

I continue to feel anxious about my financial future. But I decided that the best way to deal with the discomfort is to confront it.

It’s like when you are standing on the edge of a cold water lake on a really hot day. You desperately want to get wet but the fear of the cold water is paralyzing. Finally, you step off the edge into that open space above the water. That moment is both freeing and terrifying.

Then you hit the water. And the water is frigid. You can barely catch your breath. A few slow breaths and then you realize that the cold water, the jump, all of it is liberating. The water is still cold but you can deal with it.

Taking control of your spending is like that. Seeing how much money you waste on experiences or things that don’t bring any joy is uncomfortable. You take a breath and realize you can handle this. You can take control of your money. You can live the life you want. Either way it’s better than the unknown dark cloud hanging over your head.