Start With Something Easy

I read about all of these successful people who sleep for 4 hours a night, then do more before 8AM than I do during the entire day.   These stories do not inspire me. 

It has the opposite effect. If I can’t wake up at 4am, get an hour of high intensity exercise, learn to play the piano, get through all of my work emails and write short stories then forget it, I’m sleeping until 8AM.

What I have begun to realize is that I don’t need to do all of it. I just need to start with something more attainable. I can wake up at 6AM three times a week and go for a run. That is my success.  

That’s how I started. I set a simple intention. If I show up three times a week, then other good things will follow. Once I have been doing this consistently, I think it will be easier to add another goal.  

Momentum is a funny little thing.  Once you have the wind at your back it picks up speed.  Who knows, maybe in the near future I will wake up at 4AM, run, learn how to speak Italian and write a novel.  For now I’m starting with an early morning run three times a week.