Think About Your Future...Just Not Too Much

Planning for the future is one of the most impactful things you can do for financial security. But only focusing on what's ahead can create its own problems.

For some, achieving financial security feels so far away it’s easy to put off. The abstract future distracts from how much they can spend today. They live large, not doing anything to increase their limited savings. Their lack of good spending choices can lead to a bleak future.

For others, the fear of the future means they they don’t spend anything now. They are afraid that if they go out with friends, they will never be able to afford a house or retire. So they always stay home, not spending anything. This choice means that they don't enjoy their lives.

Saving and achieving financial freedom are about finding a balance. We can only control what is happening now. So concentrating on current spending choices will let us live today and plan for tomorrow.