Why Does Everyone Tell Me I Need A Budget?

When you look for ideas on how to manage your money, the advice always begins with creating a budget. Then why do so many people ignore this advice?

Three simple reasons:

  1. Budgets don’t provide real time help. By the time you know you have a problem, it’s too late.
  2. Spending categories don’t provide actionable feedback to change your spending.
  3. Budgets highlight all the things you can’t do or have.

Your financial goal might be saving for retirement or going on vacation next year.  It’s not enough to know that buying a new pair of shoes will make you go over your clothing budget. 

The useful part is knowing that going to the concert over the weekend will still allow you to hit your savings goal for your trip to Mexico. 

Whatever your goals are, making smart spending choices will determine if you can meet them.